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Bio Tanix Home Care

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you will get : 1 shamppo 300 ml 1 conditioner 300 ml 1 mask 250 ml Live in is not...

you will get :

1 shamppo 300 ml

1 conditioner 300 ml

1 mask 250 ml

Live in is not available

Serum Is Extra order :



Tannic Acids: it is a natural composition extract from Brazilian tree called Acacia Negra. It is an ecologically friendly product that does not cause damage to human health. It acts on hair by increasing the hydrogen bond providing smooth effect and action ant frizz. It is composed by phenolic that comes from secondary metabolism of medicinal and aromatic plants. Defined as water- soluble polymers that provides protein, Tannic Acid contain pharmacological properties such as anti-oxidants, astringent, hemostat, healing, anti-septic, among others. Responsible for unbalance the disulphide chains of hair strands allows transforming its natural shape into smooth straight hair after the whole procedure.

Lactic Acid: decreases keratin resistance providing a new shape to hair strands. It is sequestering agent, pH stabilizer and acidifying component.

Hyaluronic Acid: It has Anti-Aging components, fills the gaps on hair strands also provide coat protection on it keeping the moisture and integrity of hair shaft. It maintains hair health, smooth and shiny.

Keratin: is one of a family of fibrous structural proteins made up with around 21 amino acids. Its molecular structure has features such as microfilaments for the resistance of hair, elasticity and impermeability. It replaces proteins that are lost on a daily basis aggressions caused by sun and pollution out there.

Luna Matrix: The latest high technology component works in all hair cuticle layers as the cortex bringing back shine and the natural silk touch as delivering deep restoring inside and outside of hair strands. Also provides coat protection from daily aggressions by chemical procedures as by constantly use of hot tools.

Violet 43: its formula compounded by active principals as essential oils in, along with purple and blue pigments cancel out yellow tones on the hair shaft evenly. In another hand, it also has flavonoids one of the best ingredients that absorb the solar radiation working as a UV ray protection, color safe and extra care from daily aggressions.



Maintenance Line suitable for daily care at home.

Bio Tanix Extreme Home care Line was developed for maintenance of protein treatments providing long lasting shiny smooth health hair. It is so important to use it for the durability of treatment so grab your right now

The restoration set is a set based on the high-quality shampoo and conditioner for all hair types and the repair mask for damaged hair that specializes in treatment. It is a range designed to help rebuild and strengthen hair.

Due to its composition rich in essential fatty acids, it gives shine and forms a protective covering on the hair for intense hydration. Its unique formula contains antioxidants and amino acids that help restore damaged hair with deep nourishment. It was developed for the following reasons: repair, nourish, revitalize and seal affected skin. The Bio Tanix Restoration Collection contains 5 solutions of antioxidant, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging and anti-split.

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