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Bio Tanix Magic Help 300ml

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BIO TANIX MAGIC HELP Prime Pro Extreme, always innovating beauty market, introduce into the market bi-phase reconditioning 15 multi-benefits. It...


Prime Pro Extreme, always innovating beauty market, introduce into the market bi-phase reconditioning 15 multi-benefits. It is indicate to all hair types its formula was developed with essential actives such as Tamarind a powerful regenerative and reconstructive to the hair, Panthenol that brings back natural hair moisture providing softness, detangled hair and extra shine, Silk Protein in the formulation creates a film protection all around hair strands against daily aggressions also delivering elasticity and strength. This blend of amino acids provides 15 magic multi-benefits since the first application.


  • Shake the bottle well to mixture the phases;
  • Before you apply it, dry towel the hair and apply Magic Help mid-shaft to ends, make sure to keep a distance of the spray from the hair 30 cm away while you apply it;
  • There is no need to rinse it out;
  • Let the hair dry naturally or blow-dry it, it can be used as finishers delivering protection and extra shine;
  • A daily routine products, it can be applied number of times, at the user convenience.


  • ANTI-FRIZZ: provides realignment of the hair strands keeping smooth conditioning long lasting.
  • ANTI-AGE: anti-oxidant actions providing extra care on the cuticle against daily aggressions.
  • HEAT PROTECTANT SPRAY: an extra protection against heat from the dryer and board.
  • WATERPROOFING: it allows the hair strands alignment long lasting.
  • INTENSE SHINE: provides intense shine even for brittle hair by treating the hair cuticle delivering moisture and softness.
  • SERUM TOUCH: It seals the hair cuticle providing silk feeling.
  • UV PROTECTION: it protects hair strands from UV ray and daily aggressions.
  • NATURAL MOISTURE: it retains the natural moisture inter the hair avoiding progressive dryness on the hair.
  • EXCLUSIVE FRAGANCE: it is a remarkable fragrance with subtle and delicate floral and fruit touch in its formula.
  • INSTANT NUTRITION: it regenerates deep nutrition into the hair strands mainly for dry hair.
  • DETANGLES IMMEDIATELY: Within a couple of minutes instantly detangle the hair without causing breakage.
  • ODOR NEUTRALIZER: it neutralizes unpleasant odors of smoke as other odors that hair absorbs.
  • DAILY RESTORING: With daily use, it continues to repair and revitalizes the most damage section of the hair regenerating the fibers.
  • CHEMICAL FREE: no parabens no preservatives.
  • OIL FREE FORMULA: low molecular weight , non-oily formula.



Hydrolyzed Keratin: A high quality key ingredient that guarantee strength, elasticity and resilience. The hair consists of 90% keratin within the strand, so we invested in the best Keratin to replace the 20 amino acids commonly lost such as: Glycine, Alanine, Serine, Cysteine, Tyrosine, Aspartic Acid, Arginine, Histinine,Aspargine,Gleitamin, Proline,Fernilalanine, Valine,Triptolin, Lys ne, Leucine,Isoleucine, Methionine and Threonine, all for total hair reconstruction.

Panthenol: is the precursor of Pro Vitamin B5 responsible for thickening hair due to its role in absorbing moisture, which is essential for healthy hair. It also promotes complete restoration, has anti-aging properties, thermal protection and creates a silky touch.

Carob: highly antioxidant compound that has a large number of polyphenols and essential to keep the hair healthy and provide color protection.

Soy: the Soy Protein is an essential ingredient for the hair shaft that strengthen it and forms a topcoat protection to the hair, avoiding any damaged or breakage during the blow-drying and styling procedures.

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