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Bio Tanix Prime Protein 1100ml

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  U krijgt in je bestelling :     Bio Tanix Protein 1100ml   You can order the Mask and shampoo...


U krijgt in je bestelling :



Bio Tanix Protein 1100ml


You can order the Mask and shampoo separately.

Note : without shamppo and Mask 


With the new formula, FORCE-PLASTIA, the BIO TANIX EXTREME line smoothens even the most rebellious hair, reduces volume, and eliminates frizz in just one application without yellowing and without losing the tone of the previously colored hair. The new formula contains essential ingredients for a complete restoration of the smoothing process and for the total nutritional safety of the strands. Say goodbye to aggressive and preserving chemicals. With BIO TANIX EXTREME the hair gains a more natural look, intense shine, stays healthy, and free of daily aggressions.


Service Guide – Step by Step

Handling BioTanix Extreme Profissional

Try our BioTanix Extreme line and increase your profits.

Wet hair, apply the Bio Tanix Extreme Shampoo Step1, and evenly massage throughout hair. NOTE: The scalp should be protected and not to be rubbed or massage. Rinse thoroughly.

With the hair 50%, separate them into sections and apply Bio Tanix Extreme Smoothing Step 2 layer by layer. After full application, cover with a plastic cap and allow to rest for 45 to 60 minutes. After the rest period, rinse to remove the product at the shampoo sink. It is not necessary to use shampoo. NOTE: For blonde hair, rinse thoroughly.

Prepare the hair to dry, with the aid of a round brush, and leave the hair completely straight.

Next, separate into thin layers and flat iron each layer10 to 15 times, depending on the strength of the hair. For blond hair, use the flat iron up to 355 ° F (180 ° C) to avoid showing the deep bleaching. In the case of colored hair, we recommend that you apply Bio Tanix Leave-In conditioner before blow drying and flat ironing.

To finish, we recommend the use of Bio Tanix Extreme Mask Step 3, let rest for 3 minutes to balance pH and rinse. Finalize and style as desired. The result is straight hair without color fading. Treated with unparalleled brilliance and naturalness.

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