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PROFIT PLEX Profissional

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What you get :   * Step 1   ,   600ml  * gift from Prime Pro Netherlands     With the...

What you get :


* Step 1   ,   600ml 

* gift from Prime Pro Netherlands



With the latest technology, the best ally to all cosmetologists has arrived in the market. Its function is to give the capillary fiber resilience, ensuring the integrity of the strand.

Profit Plex relies on the main amino acids of the synthesis of collagen. With the superior technology of Aminoplex, we have developed the structure of the hair in liquid form. When Profit Plex joins the already existing keratin chains in the hair, it avoids damage caused by chemical processes. It is ideal to mix in bleaching and other chemical processes.


Service Guide – Step by Step

Handling PROFIT PLEX Profissional

Intense Fortifier: Add 0.08 fl. oz (2.5ml) of Intense Fortifier 1 for every 0.7 oz (20g) of discoloring Platinum Blond powder or any other product of your choice which can be used with the same measurement for coloring and hydrating. Rinse thoroughly to remove all excess product.

Active Repair: After the chemical process, wash with Prime Pro Shampoo, remove excess water from the hair strands and while still at the shampoo sink apply Profit Plex Active Repair 2 from the root area to the tip of every hair strand to seal. Let rest for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly removing all excess product and style as desired.

Linden Oil: Apply a few drops on the palm of your hands and run your hands in a uniform way over the dry or humid hair. Spread throughout before or after brushing. In coloring or hydrating procedures, add a few drops in the mixture.

Thermal Cream: Apply a small amount of Thermal Cream throughout the length of the hair, from roots to ends and comb normally.


  • AminoPlex: Is recommended to block hair damage and rebuild hair strands giving them resistance and a healthy and natural appearance.

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